This blog may be of some use after all

Someone found the blog yesterday by Googling for “my right testicle is as big as a kiwi”. I hope the story they read had the desired effect – but just to reiterate, if your right testicle is as big as a kiwi, then go see a goddamn doctor RIGHT NOW. Indeed, even if it’s only as big as a kiwi fruit, go see a goddamn doctor right now.

In other news, Sydney remains excellent. The drive to attract freelance work continues, and I’ve poshed up my personal site as part of the hunting process. Which has taught me that CSS is fun when you get to know it (this is the first website I’ve built without using tables, which makes me geekily happy), and that PHP was invented by the Devil (possibly as a way of making ASP seem fun, sensible and intuitive by comparison).

Incidentally, if you want to waste time on online things that are more interesting and less frustrating than PHP, then I’d thoroughly recommend Only Connect and Echo Bazaar. The former will steal your lunchtime; the latter will steal your life.

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