What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-04-11

  • Vodafone Australia must die. GARR. Useless eejits. Who builds an epayment site that rejects domestic debit cards *and* foreign credit cards? #
  • Looking 4ward to Times going paywall: website badly coded w/plain text pages 1MB & breaks mobiles. Nasty Twitter surprises will diminish… #
  • Tookey's review of Kick-Ass daft for obvious reason: 0% overlap between geek kids who'll watch movie & chav kids who do knife-crime… #
  • Loving the original #Airport movie. Especially the world's silliest British accent on the BOAC pilot… #
  • Old lady fairdodger in original #airport movie is quality. #
  • My god! It's a white chap with a bomb! #originalairportmovie #
  • Twitter keeps failing. #originalairportmovie impressive in setup – it's been on an hour and *all* just buildup… #
  • Blimey, she's not a BOAC stewardess, she works for Unbranded Gonna Crash Yank Airline. Why would a pretty English girl do such a thing? #
  • Plane looks cgi, but I think that's just because a 4-engine narrowbody is crazy-retro #originalairportmovie #geekery #
  • Haha, reminded that US airlines charge for booze #originalairportmovie #unspeakablebastards #
  • So the white guy with a bomb is Italian. Oooh, those crazy Italian terrorists. #originalairportmovie #
  • Descend to 10,000ft you fools #originalairportmovie #
  • Italian suicide bomber has exploded. Plane descending to 10,000ft #wellduh #originalairportmovie #
  • Nun drinking whiskey just won a million points. #originalairportmovie #clichetastic #
  • One of the many cheesy subplots of this movie is the screwing-over of NIMBYs and BANANAs. I endorse this subplot #originalairportmovie. #
  • Enjoying the hardcore Boeing product placement (in days when MDD and Lockheed made pax planes) #originalairportmovie #
  • "an escaped convict who lived in 2 worlds", says ABC trailer. Err, isn't that the whole populace? #
  • #ebz The Starveling Cat! The Starveling Cat! Sits on your chest when you're sleeping flat! http://fallenlondon.com/c/47018 #
  • Easter was a big weekend. I'm now trying to work, but mostly failing. Tomorrow I hope to not feel like death. #
  • Theresa Villiers is an idiot – this is precisely the situation where gov't paying lawyers and accountants is needed: http://bit.ly/9enQL5 #
  • Enquiry showed DfT's starting premise was wrong. That made it worthwhile. By TV's logic, any experiment that refutes hypothesis is a failure #
  • WIN: "if a film's going to turn us into paedos, it’s no bad thing if it also encourages young ladies to carry knives" http://bit.ly/aJvq6M #
  • Amusing RATM-style #Save6Music stunt, with side benefit of promoting the excellent HMHB: http://www.joydivisionovengloves.com/ #
  • Yes: RT @mrpower 1997 was one of those times when change was necessary. I was hopeful. It didn't last long. Eventually found Blair loathsome #
  • Great stuff from Merrick on the criminalisation of young people solely for being young: http://bit.ly/bnJb4m #
  • I've just signed up to have someone apply a metal grater to the surface of my eyes. Insert S&M jokes here. #
  • Study finds that badly educated people like moronic comedians & well-educated people like clever comedians. Shock! http://bit.ly/cB0xRd #
  • #ebz is a welcome distraction from #ge2010 fever http://fallenlondon.com/c/47565 #
  • Obvious but needs reiterating -> "Cameron’s message is clear. And it isn’t change" http://bit.ly/9mD7o8 #
  • I know BNP-ist Nick Eriksen's pro-rape comments are horrible, but HELLO, HE'S A FUCKING NAZI. "Nazi in 'is vile'" shock… #
  • Not fond of Boris, but whoever's brought a complaint re his Brent Cross speech is a git and deserves to lose. #
  • …both as Boris elected and correct avenue for complaint is next election (as for Ken), and as slating Nimbys and Bananas is to be praised. #
  • "I meant to say, it was aces" RT @tonytrainor VA governor apologizes for leaving slavery out of Confederate History Month http://goo.gl/t07X #
  • Excellent. Not only are #Tories fighting #ge10 on a manifesto of hating gays, they also hate women: http://bit.ly/9tOcxN #
  • This is why anyone left-liberal who lives in a Lab/Con marginal is morally obliged to vote Labour. They are different, and Tories much worse #
  • Good point -> RT @mudlarklives: Cameron obv getting advice from Yank advisers. Bad enough to support their wars, now their bigotry too. #
  • "Fuel poverty" nonsense on the news. I don't believe in fuel poverty in the UK, never mind in a state where it *doesn't get cold*… #
  • Anyone else think Labour have seriously ballsed up Tory-shafting potential re ID cards, if cost of cancelling is only gbp40m? #
  • The only reason not to commit more cash upfront is that the next Labour gov't planned to abolish them anyway. Which is reassuring. #
  • Hmm. Stuart Rose criticises Brown for suggesting Tories misled him; Terry Leahy supports govt. Now compare M&S performance with Tesco… #
  • Unforgivable Brit-bashing bullshit from @TIME http://su.pr/23szAj – yet another reason to stay home next time the US launches a stupid war #
  • Slightly depressed about Innocent Drinks' sale to Coca-Cola. Not surprised, but slightly depressed nonetheless. #
  • #ff #followfriday @themanwhofell (like you don't already) @anattendantlord @Oedipus_Lex @alaindebotton (no, really) #
  • "Oooh, it's the money" analysis of #debill has one serious flaw: telcos (=ISPs) have *far* more cash than record/movie companies #
  • In particular, UK movies are paid for by the lottery. If from now nobody ever paid for a movie, it wouldn't impact UK film industry at all. #
  • Actually, that gives me an idea – gbp7 grant to cinemas to reimburse every entry to a UK film. That way, they might occasionally show one #
  • Note to online publishers: if you think your feature article needs to be spread over multiple web pages, IT'S TOO LONG! Also, it doesn't. #
  • is wondering whether Poland did anything to annoy Mr Putin recently… #
  • Linda Bowman is like NAMBLA: while she can't help her feelings, she should realise they're wrong rather than trying to change the law… #
  • Once again, best commentary on #ge2010 comes from a fictional character: http://bit.ly/9UYPJY #
  • It's a Sunday morning, so of course I'm on #ebz http://fallenlondon.com/c/49775 #
  • Right-wing-pseudo-victimhood item number 23,335: despite the fact that we live in a culture which is filthily barbaric to criminals and… #
  • …fetishises crime victims and their relatives to a frankly surreal degree, pretending that it's the opposite (w.r.t http://bit.ly/cNMEGc ) #
  • Does anyone else get annoyed at the bit in Shaun of the Dead where Shaun's being a tit about despatching his zombie ma, and the Irish guy… #
  • …who's otherwise a wanker is being entirely sensible and right, and everyone sides with Shaun and drives the Irish guy to his death? #
  • Possibly this is another sign of my inability to deal with the 'fact' that bereaved people are allowed to act like twats with no comeback. #
  • FACT: @daveweeden's cat (and Twitter avatar) is really quite exceptionally cute. #

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-04-11

  1. Things have to be pretty dull to be watching one of the disaster films the '70s is known for… though I'll wager it's more interesting than the non stop remakes that are being churned out by the legacy movie execs who lack creativity and originality. Haven't seen Airport, and am not planning to.

    US airlnes charging for alcohol, not in my experience. You're offered one or two free drinks free, depending on the length of your flight. You really ought to focus some of the too much free time you have critiquing BA.. or have you given yourself completely over to one of those chips on the shoulder that some Brits are burdened with?

  2. Hmm. In my experience (which includes four long-haul flights on AA last year, most recently, as well as countless domestic flights and several transatlantic flights over the years), they do charge, at least in coach. And they did in the movie. Possibly your amazing charm and beauty sway the attendants into giving you freebies, or possibly they're just hoping you'll pass out and leave them alone.

    If you bothered scrolling back through the blog, you'd see I posted last month critiquing BA at a corporate level. I actually *like* BA as a passenger, when they're not out on strike (and that's about ten long-haul flights last year), so I'm not sure what I could say on that front – the drinks in economy are free and unlimited, the cabin crew are helpful but not overfriendly, the pilots are reassuringly RAF-ish when you're flying home from somewhere unspeakable, the food's mediocre, the entertainment is better than any airline other than Virgin (they have a Radio 4 channel. Emirates and Singapore are great airlines in most respects, but all their entertainment is Hollywood or Bollywood crap). The only thing I'd really fault them on is the lack of laptop power sockets in regular economy.

    (finally, you might want to think about the irony value of abusing someone else in their blog comments for *them* having too much time on their hands…)

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