Apart from more pies and shorter hours

I’ve been challenged to state what policy goals I’d actually favour:

* Unlimited migration of people with A-level equivalent qualifications, or any non-academic skills in demand (defined as “more than no job adverts specify this, and it can be quantified”) in the country of relevance.
* Equal tax on all “getting more assets”, whether house, work, parental snuffing it, or whatever, with an exemption for “appreciation in price of a house you haven’t yet sold”. With a gbp10,000 per year minimum limit before you pay any at all.
* Annual 10% cut in NHS budget, applying NICE’s calculations to treatment rather than just drugs. “You’re going to die in six months no matter what we do? Well, here’s a kilo of prescription heroin, enjoy it whenever you prefer, but don’t bother us at the hospital again.”
* Legalisation and taxation of all drugs.
* Massive relaxation of “IP” law, based on the fact that the entire concept of intellectual property is insane made-up nonsense. All copyrights and patents will last for 20 years maximum, to be granted only if the applicant can demonstrate to the government’s satisfaction that this special favour will do good for society at large.

Any more for any more?

2 thoughts on “Apart from more pies and shorter hours

  1. Blimey. I agree with every word (though in an ideal world I'd prefer completely open borders (This isn't an ideal world)).

    I think I'll have a lie down.

  2. I think left-libertarians and right-libertarians generally agree on a lot of the big questions of principle – it's just how we get from here to there that's the problem. Which makes things much less rancourous. I'd infinitely rather spend time with Chris Mounsey than a dogmatic Blairite; and I'm sure you'd rather spend time with Chris Dillow than Nadine Dorries…

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