I did a thing at Citymetric on the interesting way folks are completely happy for Scottish companies to run the railways in southern England, but lose their minds when Hong Kong companies do the same thing.

My favourite self-quote:

The RMT, famous for being the least sensible or survival-oriented union in the UK since the National Union of Mineworkers, has taken exception to a Hong Kong company being involved in the railways, since in their Brexity, curly sandwich-eating eyes, only decent honest British Rail has ever delivered good railways anywhere in the world.

Amusingly, since I wrote it, the ex-National Union of Mineworkers leader Arthur Scargill, of “single-handedly the biggest contributor to lowering the UK’s CO2 emissions” fame, has tried to rebrand himself as Yorkshire’s answer to Donald Trump:

What a tosser.

Anyway. Like, share and subscribe, as I understand all the cool kids are saying these days.

Image: The Aberdeen Tunnel in Hong Kong. The unacceptable Aberdeen. By Daniel Case / CC-BY-SA 3.0 

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