This is mostly a traditional “I aten’t dead” post, of the sort that you’ll recognise if you’re the sort of person who still looks at blogs that have been going for over a decade.

I’ve been busy doing two day jobs at once, finishing up my often fun, sometimes frustrating, always interesting, and now finally ended, five year stint at The Warren Centre while also working on an exciting but top-secret project for The Government. Both are now over and I’m looking for work and catching up on some much-needed housekeeping (both digitally and not).

I did find time to write a piece for CityMetric, though: how delays to rail electrification and new train software troubleshooting could mean North London’s railway trains are sent to Coventry (well, the West Midlands, which Coventry is definitely in).

Happy Christmas, etc – hopefully there’ll be more frequent posting here in 2019 but I wouldn’t recommend staking the farm on it.

Image: Ewan Munro / CC-BY-SA 2.0

One thought on “One step short of Barking

  1. Now, more than ever, that ancient RSS technology proves useful—for how else would I know about these super-useful, witty, and wondrous essays… ;-)


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