Almost nearly there

March 4, 2009 1 comment

So, I can access the wp-admin and the database now, but the site bit is still blank… weird.

This time it was Indian spammers rather than Chinese spammers, exacerbated by my host’s good-really-I-know-but-still-infuriating security policy, my lack of access to computers that aren’t insanely locked down and/or that don’t access the internet, and the increased curmudgeonlyness of householders with wifi.

In related news, temporary accommodation sucks, even when it’s very nice temporary accommodation that you’re living in for timing reasons rather than homelessness reasons.

Update: well, that seems to be working OK now. Unix file permissions are, to a close approximation, the most annoying things in the world.

We heart France

January 29, 2009 1 comment

…for its glorious living-up-to-stereotypes-ness:

The latest unemployment figures could not be released today because statisticians are on strike

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Those who will not see

January 26, 2009 1 comment

I’ve got a post up at Liberal Conspiracy on the EU’s new ECRIS system.

Under ECRIS, local criminal records agencies will categorise crimes and sentences against particular headings (so 0801 is murder; 0403 is trafficking people for their organs; while on the sentencing side 1002 is life imprisonment and 3017 is confiscation of your hunting license), to make international criminal record searches a bit easier.

So when the German police arrest a Frenchman for pimping, instead of waiting for the French to fax through something that needs translating on his record, they’ll be able to see that the bloke was previously sent to a mental institution and had his hunting licence taken away for organ trafficking (or whatever).

Pretty much the entire libertarian blogosphere seems to think this is an outrageous plot to create, err, something or other, not quite sure what, but definitely evil. See the comments and links on the LC post.

The debate at DK, although not terribly edifying either, has produced one of the best lines I’ve read recently:

I didn’t know incest between consenting adults is legal in France. And there was me thinking Papa and Nicole were playing a very risky game.

Nice line

January 25, 2009 1 comment

The Tories have failed before they are even in office.

(from here)

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Is Britain really going bankrupt?

January 25, 2009 6 comments



Britain is not Iceland. Iceland is the size of Coventry. Britain is the fifth-largest economy in the world (although it also has the third-largest current account deficit). The pound is still a reserve currency that people want to buy, despite the efforts of the speculators. We are bankrupt only in the sense that we could not pay if all debts were called in right now – which is true of many countries. A falling pound will be good for exports, assuming there is someone to buy them. The UK’s credit rating was reaffirmed last week. The only thing that could push Britain into bankruptcy would be a full-scale panic.

Microsoft makes dull Mancs interesting

January 24, 2009 Leave a comment

Microsoft Songsmith has taken some flak for being the worst and most evil thing ever. But the clip below more than makes up for its sins. Mediocre near-forgotten Britpoppers Oasis, with their dull hit about some kind of wall… but TEKNO!

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Worse than Nicholas

January 24, 2009 18 comments

I really like Mock The Week; it’s one of my favourite TV shows. Frankie Boyle is perhaps the best comic of the last 30 years; Dara O’Briain is hard to spell but excellent; Hugh Dennis was the funniest one in the Mary Whitehouse Experience and remains so; Russell Howard is remarkably entertaining for a small child; and guest panelists ranging from David Mitchell through Rich Hall to Jo Brand add sparkling wit and entertaining excellence.

But Andy Parsons is the most unfunny, dislikeable, tedious wanker ever to have appeared on the television. Why is this thick, irritating eejit allowed anywhere near humans, never mind what would be, apart from his own revolting visage and distressing voice, the best show on television?

Seriously. What the fuck is this man doing being rated by anybody, ever?

If you like Andy Parsons, please say so in the comments. If, more likely, you don’t, then please repost this on your blog if you’re a massive geek, or forward this to your mates if you aren’t. I’m desperate to know who finds him funny, or why the hell he’s on telly if – as I suspect – nobody does.

Defeated by a foodstuff

January 22, 2009 3 comments

I’m normally good at trying, and even enjoying, weird and wonderful and mildly gross-looking foods.

However, following a lunchtime experiment today, I can honestly say that this does not apply to jellied eels.

I’ve already made arrangements to move away from East London in shame.

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Advice to Americans

January 20, 2009 10 comments

Buy sterling. Buy lots of sterling. 1.40 is an insanely low rate; anyone who believes it to be sustainable is, quite literally, mentally ill.

(also, our banks are less fucked than yours; our government is just less dishonest than yours about it…)

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January 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Sad (and the best tribute ever).


…although this is better:

…and, as discussed previously, this is best: