Doing the BNP to death

That’s ‘as a conversational topic’, not ‘with a blunt instrument’, sadly. Two BNPish things, and then I’ll leave the buggers alone til the next election:

1) I’ve a new post on LC about education, immigration and The White Working Class.

2) Is the BNP racist? Oh yes it is. Bloggers, pls to link Matt’s piece.

2 thoughts on “Doing the BNP to death

  1. So, is it the original blog post people should link to (as seen here and on PDF) or as done by Enemies of Reason.

  2. Your first point is opinion rather than hard fact (it may or may not be true).

    Your second point oversimplifies matters, there appears to be a hierarchy of how well racial/national groups do in UK schools, with Chinese top, then Hindu, then Irish/white, then British/white, then Pakistani and then Caribbean, but boys do less well than girls. (this is from memory, I'm sure Jewish kids are near the top as well). I dunno about Europeans.

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