What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-12-13

  • RT @RadioKate Arriving at my home tube station late last night I was greeted by this fantastic/unexpected sight! http://twitpic.com/sebvd #
  • Excellent piece from Unity at LC on the distinction between AGW sceptics (good) and deniers (crazy): http://bit.ly/7QO71y #
  • Bring Back Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle: http://bit.ly/3kHra – after 1,000 series, the BBC will have almost atoned for Horne and Corden #
  • Jesus on a pedalo, it's a Richard Littlejohn article I agree with: http://bit.ly/8Vrt66 [fx: feels sullied] #
  • I wonder if the "global warming stopped 10 years ago" liars will shut up now: http://bit.ly/8Y61Ug #ofcoursetheywont #
  • Controversial I know but 7 days jail + grog ASBO sounds about right for alkie who grabs someone w/o apparent malice & causes minor injuries #
  • …at least about right punishmentwise, clearly the poor bugger needs help if he's not just going to end up in jail for breaching ASBO #
  • Wow, the NHS works. 8AM today: not even NHS registered; 5PM today: signed up, seen by nurse & doctor, inspected, diagnosed & prescribed #
  • …and all for the princely sum of gbp7.50. #
  • Hooray, Chrome for Mac now out & installed, no more suffering the horrible Safari! #
  • Stupid law that panders to bigots by banning something that's already illegal in "screws innocent people over" shock: http://bit.ly/5AcHxM #
  • Why exactly do the Arabs who stole Egypt from the original Egyptians have any more moral right to the Rosetta Stone than we do? #
  • Just thought you might want to know: my right testicle has swollen to the size of a kiwi fruit. This isn't making me cheerful. #owowowowowow #
  • Dear People Whining About Having To Pay More Tax, shut up. We're some of the richest people ever to live, we can afford it. Regards, John #
  • Heresy Corner veers wildly between maddening and brilliant. This is the second: http://bit.ly/8JaBNx #
  • Hooray: the one aspect of his reign that's exceeded expections -> RT @BorisWatch Boris approves another tower – http://tinyurl.com/yzqh4xx #
  • Right-whingers constantly rail that UK is economically screwed. Data just points to a tough couple of years. Are they lying or just stupid? #
  • Zombie kittens FTW: http://www.b3ta.com/links/MEOW:3 #
  • PwC and KPMG are the neoliberal equivalent of the Politburo: http://bit.ly/54HOSj – also, mad Gerry Hassan is mad #
  • Hmm. If an interfering busybody abused me & threw things at me, I wouldn't glass them – but 18 months still seems harsh http://bit.ly/6FRUQl #
  • RT @doctorow: Legal fundraiser for Dr Peter Watts, CDN SF writer, beaten/jailed at US border http://tinyurl.com/yepugdv <- scumbastards #
  • (that's "US border control are scumbastards", both from this story and from every interaction I've had with them) #
  • Jealous of #squiffyfriday-ers as I settle for an #illfriday #
  • (my last blogpost title is a bit like the "Banned Katie Perry Upskirt Video" one from last summer, but in reverse – go have a read) #
  • Go to 1m24: RT @BishopandDouch David Cross on Fucked Up's 'Do they Know it's Christmas' is already an Xmas highlight http://bit.ly/7teAmp #
  • Lord Monckton, it's time for your medication: http://bit.ly/4XLnSw (via @dontgetfooled) #denialoonies #
  • UN Prohibitionist & Puritan In Chief in 'is lying self-aggrandising tool' shock: http://bit.ly/6p4MiY (via @bloggerheads) #
  • All it needs is a matching 'credit card application booth' and you have the Thatcher settlement in toy form: http://tiny.cc/ZTeD2 #
  • (sorry, last was via @marcusbrig) #

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