What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-12-20

  • Is NEF funded by evil right-wing big business, to spread the belief that lefties are idiots who understand fuck all? http://bit.ly/5xKBHL #
  • If so, its latest report would be an impressive piece of work, and not merely a *facepalm* *spang* *facepalm* disgrace. #
  • Enjoying the way @NewStatesman is currently deploying server-side ad-blocking; wonder if it'll catch on? http://bit.ly/8TTMWX #
  • Sometimes Prince Philip is vile. Sometimes rather sweet. This is definitely the latter; people who say otherwise fools http://bit.ly/664nuC #
  • RT @mediaguardian C4 buys second series of Charlie Brooker quiz http://bit.ly/5Hp2ln <- hurrah! #
  • I've just heard Tim Minchin's Xmas song: http://bit.ly/5NEUvO – only problem with campaign to get it in charts etc is that it's *terrible* #
  • Top quality correction from the far-left press: http://is.gd/5nCtX (via @dnotice) #
  • A lovely Xmas gift for the AGW-denial loony in your life: http://is.gd/5nM2D (by @alun, via @mjrobbins) #
  • Dear The Times: getting a gang, knocking someone down, & beating him w/sticks until he's brain-damaged != 'courageous': http://bit.ly/5CPoLj #
  • I hope that when I die, I'll receive at least one obituary as touching and heartfelt as Enkidu Brooke's: http://bit.ly/4LjyZH – RIP #
  • Don't get the 'but they're both Sony' point on Xmas #1: yes, & so were the Clash. Major label doesn't mean rubbish, but S Cowell does #
  • Waiting for the Death Panels to decide whether I should have a testicle cut off tonight #
  • Death Panels vote "yes", partial castration in 1 hour and counting. Hurrah! #
  • My friend Nick has very kindly brought me a bag of plums and a sack of nuts to take my mind off the op #
  • alll seems to have gone ok, huzzah #
  • http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VIxkqoNi8I4&hl=en-GB&gl=GB&client=mv-google #
  • .@catdonn for my 21st bday I got dumped, so jury still out on worst ever. will see how i feel tomorrow… #
  • RT @VizLetterBocks: Just bought Xmas tree. Assistant asked "Will you be putting this up yourself?" I replied "No – Its going in the lounge" #
  • Home. Bed. Fully alive and all that. Blog post tomorrow. #
  • Had Muneer Hussain stopped beating Walid Salem before brain-damaging him, Salem would've been fit for trial & would've got way over 30 mths #
  • Meanwhile, Hussain would either have been charged with ABH or more likely nothing, and probably wouldn't be in jail at all. Lesson: OBVIOUS #
  • How do Tories get to be so *utterly bloody stupid*? http://tinyurl.com/ya7ek9l #
  • RATM: not keen on doing what you tell them – http://a.gd/787f7d (I've downloaded the single, so should you) #
  • Anglicans witty & irreverent; Catholics humourless arseholes. As usual, glad my cultural religion one of the least bad: http://bit.ly/6l0l7e #
  • TRADE UNION LEADERS: if you can easily win a vote without rigging it, then *don't rig it*. Idiots: http://bit.ly/4KqpJQ #politicaltoptips #
  • RT @chrisk27 750000 ppl on RATM FB group and 150000 copies of 'Killing in the name' DLed… 600000 anarchists need to get their skates on #
  • RT @RATM4Xmas: RATM 306115, X-FACTOR 297192. Less than 10,000 lead now. Do your bit at http://bit.ly/ratm-itunes #ratm4xmas #
  • I got writer & angle from headline, can you? "It's a scandal how our money is going down the Tube, PS I'm a git" http://tinyurl.com/ydugcrf #
  • The reason not to publish Mo'toons has 0% to do with 'ooh, crazy Muslims will jihad me', & 100% to do with them being bigoted unfunny shit #
  • RT @BorisWatch the mark of a civilised man is that he recognises the right to publish and the good taste not to. #
  • Yup, if I were French, I'd probably pretend not to understand this bunch of Essex w*nkers either: http://bit.ly/4vH5sq #passengerfail #
  • Easy-RATM-purchasing: http://bit.ly/amazonratm #
  • Disagree with @themanwhofell – literally can't think of anything better than Senser, Credit To The Nation & Collapsed Lung revival #
  • The Climb isn't a great song, but hearing the M Cyrus original an interesting reminder of how *staggeringly* worthless McElderry is #
  • Which cats know most? Purportedly the cats of the city know a secret or two. The common tabbies a… http://fallenlondon.com/c/2170 #
  • RT @Paul_Anderson: Bill Keegan sensible as ever on economic policy http://bit.ly/64SI1t #
  • Peter Kay should be silenced, by any means necessary. WHO BUYS HIS CRAP? WHY? At least X-Factor fans are 12yos who don't know any better.. #
  • Woo yay. Grumpy geeks win out vs tween girls and their grannies. This is as it should be. #
  • A nice little bit of alt-history from the Staggers: http://www.newstatesman.com/uk-politics/2009/12/iraq-war-clarke-tories #
  • Entertaining Cowell-bashing PR from the Fabians at @nextlefthttp://bit.ly/4s1Bt4 #
  • Food left in house: steak; spinach; camembert. End dinner result: steak with spinach & camembert sauce is a Good Thing. #
  • (other food left in house included herring paste, salsa and piccalilli, but I decided to save those for another occasion) #
  • Massively enjoying http://echobazaar.failbettergames.com/ (this is a real tweet of timewasting advice, not a game-generated spamplug) #

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