What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-12-27

  • Yes, English libel law v bad, etc. But wouldn't it be lovely if R Pachauri busted & ruined the odious Richard North? http://bit.ly/7Uycj9 #
  • Added bonus to #ratm Number 1 – it annoys po-faced far-right arseholes like this chap: http://bit.ly/7GSlAG #
  • RT @sueperkins: Middleaged woman on bus – 'Christmas is such a FUN time of year, not least because I always forget to take my medication…' #
  • Yes dear, of course there's a conspiracy between libel lawyers and terrorists. And lizards: http://bit.ly/8w7Nta #madmel #
  • Amazed that Edinburgh council still wastes money doing bins, street cleaning in-house. Do they make their own biros? http://bit.ly/654kRZ #
  • Sudanese climate negotiator Lumumba Di-Aping a vile piece of work http://bit.ly/5giHzh – a Sudanese govt official vile? Say it ain't so… #
  • Maine state representative Andrea Boland (D) is very, very stupid – http://bit.ly/5gbsdo (via @davidgerzof) #
  • In a city where death can be temporary, lunatic murderers are not treated with especial respect. … http://fallenlondon.com/c/2343 #
  • Interesting to see the Dixons campaign discussed – I think it's one of the best examples in years of making a virtue of brand limitations #
  • RT @thrustfault: FYI: A pizza with depth a and radius z has a volume of Pi z z a (via @ianvisits) #
  • Best Trailer Ever: http://bit.ly/9pQyC #
  • The Daily Mash nails it on tedious transport whiners: http://bit.ly/7SLOqg (although 'go outside and make a snowman' a fair alternative) #
  • It's *December 22*. If you're worrying about the impact of snow on anything work-related, rather than delighted, you're a massive prat #
  • Don't approve of this: http://bit.ly/8PasRO – BNP won't win HoC seat under *any circumstances at all* and depriving voter choice a Bad Thing #
  • Worth remembering that the public still loathe the Tories, they just hate NuL even more at the moment: http://bit.ly/5es98P #
  • Given that US airlines are even more corp-welfared and inept than banks, this post seems a bit off: http://bit.ly/8BUYDZ (via @felixsalmon) #
  • Very much enjoying Stumbling & Mumbling's Xmas post on logical fallacies in pop songs: http://bit.ly/4oDQB9 #
  • Evening Standard: "we need an expert on the economy – let's ask the manager of a bureau de change" – http://tinyurl.com/yzczac3 #
  • Obvious stuff, but needs doing & spreading: RT @leftfootfwd: Exposé of Daniel Hannan’s “Ten reasons to leave the EU” http://is.gd/5xq3O #
  • If you only read one niche-but-spot-on political viewpoint this holiday season, read Mark Wadsworth on home-owner-ism: http://bit.ly/6QlF7R #
  • Tools, printing-presses, guns, steam-engines: taxes from trade in these are payable to Mr Iron. T… http://fallenlondon.com/c/2512 #
  • Saw Catherine Tate on NMTB Dr Who special. Is she normally a) that thick b) that annoying? If so, perhaps she could team up with Peter Kay #
  • by "team up with", I mean "enter into a suicide pact with", obviously #
  • Confused by this post – http://bit.ly/6PsDaU – surely point of pic is to set 1950s pulp stereotypes vs West's cultured & Gaga's lairy image? #
  • New "violent deaths of teenagers" data unlikely to make the tabloids: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8424574.stm – yup, way down. Again. #
  • Lying Chinese propaganda of the day: http://bit.ly/6vH8Rd – #shamewedidntbreaktheplaceupproperlyinthe1860s #
  • No, I don't *actually* think we should've done more colonialism in China – just that world would be better with fewer superpower states #
  • RT @BorisWatch Q: 'What's got three doors, two staircases and no point?' A:Boris's Magic Wonder Bus. #
  • Today's ID card story http://bit.ly/76qXP5 isn't anti-ID-card at all: it merely proves travel operators = inept tossers. Which we knew. #
  • (*I* knew the Manc cards were happening nowish – if P&O's head of compliance didn't, what the hell is s/he paid to do?) #
  • Jamie K wins the "can't kill the festive spirit" award: http://bit.ly/7Jlhst – now I'm off for a gin-and-codeine #
  • Surprisingly good Cohen piece on rape http://tinyurl.com/yjpmq9c – although he does spoil it with mad deviation into made-up sharia rubbish #
  • Wow, far-left-blogland having a big China lovefest http://bit.ly/7SyG8a – CSIS funding, or just 'support anyone who says they're a commie'? #
  • Letters in and out of the city are routinely read. But one does not often intimately search a gen… http://fallenlondon.com/c/2750 #
  • REPLUG: if you only read one tale of mirth and woe this Xmas Eve, read my blogpost of mirth and woe: http://bit.ly/7bIIbB #
  • Oooh, the most middle-class tweet competition of the day is hotting up! #
  • RT @agentcharlotte DISASTER. All Plymouth pubs appear not to have mulled wine. DISTRAUGHT. #middleclasstweets #
  • RT @politic_animal Bugger. Knew I should have brought cooked chestnuts with me to mid Wales. I now have a terrine crisis. #middleclasstweets #
  • I was sceptical about the Obamacare deal, but this piece (wingnut alert) http://bit.ly/8v2BUV makes me think it's likely a Good Thing #
  • Xmas eve in, for the first time in ages – had to bale on cousin's bday clubbing for surgery-recovery reasons. Boo! #
  • (on plus side, a big group of mid-20s women were begging me to come out drinking with them, which is Insufficiently Prevalent) #
  • Blimey, it's not been a good month for evil old men who live in Italy. #
  • Merry Xmas. Let's hope it's a good one, without any John and Yoko. #
  • Presents opened, turkey stuffed, baconed & ovened, 3 hours til lunch ready. Woken at 7 by clock-misreading family, so back off to bed #
  • http://bit.ly/6rUBmZ "by celebrating Christmas one is really celebrating what humans are capable of creating for themselves" by @jackofkent #
  • Considering a move to Wimbledon #lies #gavinandstacey #
  • RT @kevcecil: Shame that Christmas day football match in the trenches was marred by the violence before and afterwards. #
  • NW253 debacle hilarious. Sane news sources say 'random nutter with French bangers'; Fox say 'Al Qaeda with special explosives from Yemen' #
  • If I set off a firework on a plane and tell the cops I'm the King of France, will Fox report a state-sponsored attack by French terrorists? #
  • Via @anattendantlord, "take me to Detroit!" "We're already going to Detroit" "Oh, err, good" – http://bit.ly/5fIJER #
  • Now AP quoting a Congressman who thinks NWA flies a LOS-AMS-DFW route: http://bit.ly/4Exlep – erm, yeah, crediblesourcetacular #
  • Still, congrats to Abdul Mudallad – despite no backing from anyone and nothing of any danger, he's gonna go well beyond his 15 minutes' fame #
  • I wonder if we'll get more pointless & stupid checkin & baggage restrictions as a lasting tribute to the AM-ster? #
  • RT @MalkyMuscular Plane bomber story – Now not the time for cool heads to prevail. Last man with unshat pants is the most appeasementy. Fact #
  • Pleased to see the chap who restrained nutjob Abdulmutallab is a cheese-eating European, not a red-blooded Yank: http://bit.ly/7V8lXl #
  • I can state with 100% confidence that Kurt Haskell is either lying or mentally ill: http://bit.ly/8DQjRm #
  • "before I start busking on the Gaza strip" – yes, this is excellence: http://bit.ly/13kSxW #
  • Dr Who is campy kids TV fun. The Wire is art. Pretending the former is superior to the latter is pretentious inverted snobbery. #

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2 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to, week ending 2009-12-27

  1. “ The Wire is art.“ ,True dat but your remark about us coughing up ever more tax because well off by historical standards is balls . So are the recipients of your generosity with our money . True dat
    Australia , nice place , nice spending restraint under a Conservative Government , doing nicely as a consequence. True dat also .

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