What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-01-03

  • Bloomberg to close its non-business news team, outsource European coverage to the Daily Sport: http://bit.ly/6jKSjT #
  • INSTRUCTIONS: 1) read this headline: http://bit.ly/6gBgBi 2) despair 3) emigrate. I hate NIMBYs and BANANAs *so* much… #
  • …and it's particularly sad to see T Pratchett on the side of the arseholes: http://bit.ly/5hsbwb #
  • Brilliant piece on Crooked Timber on group profiling: http://bit.ly/5lFHDv #
  • Post this interview http://bit.ly/8bYKtu I'm no longer sure K Haskell is lying/mad, but I do think he's mixed up 2 different guys (via @ijg) #
  • I suggest we kick off the executions with Leo McKinstry: http://bit.ly/7leqUw #
  • More Tim Minchin excellence: http://bit.ly/75nMSc (via @leftoutside) #
  • Depressing to see Diane Feinstein joining the idiot club "if your dad says you're naughty, you're banned from planes" http://bit.ly/6y84Bk #
  • Daily Telegraph proposes politically correct restrictions on freedom of speech: http://bit.ly/7DUNto #
  • (also, a "world-renowned terrorism expert" probably ought to know that Moazzam Begg is a native-born British citizen…) #
  • Fail by @mediaguardian http://bit.ly/4wiw3a – antisemitic hate is classed as incitement to racial hatred, not religious hatred #
  • It's distressing to have to take the Catholic Church's side in a lawsuit, but this is a good result: http://bit.ly/4W7aqT #
  • RT @mattfraction 2009, you were a real mthrfckr & I'm glad to see you go. Tonight I'll stand over your grave til I'm sure that you're dead. #
  • Most of the time, I think Jack Straw is a tool. But today, he's spot on http://bit.ly/4Y0ieh – especially for having the balls to say it #
  • (very much looking forward to going round the assorted idiot-copper blogs tomorrow, and watching them incandesce…) #
  • Iraqi human rights minister speaks out against upholding the most important of all human rights (ie fair trial): http://bit.ly/6tGzBg #
  • We can't get enough gas down here, see. So you know what we burn for heat? … sinners. http://fallenlondon.com/c/2996 #
  • Amused to be followed by a Gilligan's Island spambot, after tweeting about the oafish London hack who shares its name #
  • Anyone who thinks it's correct to compare the train fare with the cost of petrol for a journey should be cheese-grated to death. #
  • The not-known-for-its-generosity Inland Revenue credits 25p/mile *marginal cost*. That is the figure you should be using. #
  • …and the award for 'stupid' is won by http://bit.ly/7HHeYj (BR ditched all Xmas and Boxing Day services in the 1960s) #
  • This may have the highest (sanity of original post) / (sanity of commenters) ratio I've ever seen: http://bit.ly/7cZMOz #
  • In simpler times, Hell would take a soul on the death of the body. Death is more complicated in F… http://fallenlondon.com/c/3221 #
  • Stephen Baldwin? Oh dear. Remind me to sell my TV and leave the country… oh, good, I have and I'm going next week. Hurrah! #

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