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  1. Nicole had that done about 7/8 years ago, she went home on the tube and was back at work next day. She had to wear some sort of nighttime goggles though for a few weeks…anyway she's not had any problems since.

  2. Lasix? On both eyes at the same time? I thought they still only did one at a time?

    Anyway, good luck. a little story for you. One day, looking out my office window in Moscow, I looked down at the foundations of the eye hospital they were building. (Can't remember the name now of the Russian prof that perfected the technique but it was his hospital). Where I saw them sacrificing a ram for good luck. So you will have good luck of course.

  3. There are two technologies – LASIK and PRK. LASIK is the one where you can drive/Tube home; PRK is the one where you spend 3 days in pain and half-blind. It's also (very slightly) less risky, and leaves your eyes the same as if they were just naturally functional (whereas LASIK leaves scars on the outside of your cornea that may make future surgery more difficult). And cheaper.

  4. Good luck, John!

    Next week is the 50th anniversary of Maiman's first demonstration of the laser, which I'm sure is auspicious.

  5. All went pretty well. I still can't focus on a screen or on small print for longer than a few minutes, which makes it just as well my freelance deadline got put back by a month. But I don't need to wear shades indoors any more, I'm off the painkillers (which, pleasingly, means I've got enough valium to knock me out for the 13-hour HKG-LHR leg of my flight to the UK and back in August…), and vision's getting better day-by-day. WOULD RECOMMEND.

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