What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-08-08

  • Slept for 12 hours. Now feel very nearly human. Who wants to come to the pub tonight? #
  • Odd that Gillard is ahead by 15pts on 'preferred PM', but Libs/Lab neck & neck on voting intentions. Scope for Lab to pull back? #ausvotes #
  • This Daily Mash anti-BBC piece might work if a) Rover 200s were awesome b) all other cars available anywhere were shit: http://bit.ly/9BWMSB #
  • Fucking hell, I've only been gone 2 days and #AustraliaWantsJBback is already trending :-) #
  • Don't worry, #AustraliaWantsJBback types – back on Aug 20. You can meet me at the airport if you like. Especially if you give me a lift home #
  • Did Tony Abbott *really* just quote Eminem? #ausvotes #boggle #
  • Walking down Albert Embankment. Is pretty. Anyone know of a Twitpic or similar uploader for Symbian/Nokia? #
  • RT @qwghlm: RT @edent: you know how to find your Estate Agent name, don't you? Take your full name, then add "is a cunt" #
  • Quite impressed. Friend's 3yo just picked up a copy of Universal Soldier in the library and said "this is a bad film". CORRECT. #
  • At the Carpenters Arms on Whitfield St W1. Why not join me? #
  • None Of It's Coming Back To Me Ever #oppositesongs #
  • I miss @chrissiem :-( #
  • Days In Black Sackcloth #oppositesongs #
  • There Are Many Possible Ways Of Life, But None Of Them Are Unique To You #oppositesongs #
  • Finally am on a real computer and not a mobile – have dealt with a week's worth of backed-up half-read unsorted email, yay! #
  • A fine piece from @angryyoungalex on the 'harm' done by illegal immigration: http://bit.ly/b1FH3Q (spoiler: 'none, you stupid bigot') #
  • Better to bribe Catholics w/stupid baubles vs abortion bans, but still LAME RT @abcnews Gillard pledges $1.5m for M MacKillop's canonisation #
  • Phil Collins: No Ahmedinejad Required #dictatorsongs #welldictatoralbumsreally #
  • Alabama 3 – Mao Tse Tung Said #dictatorsongs #missingthepoint #
  • Struggling to work out why it matters at all whether LFC is owned by some Americans rather than a Chinese investment fund – anyone? #
  • There's a case for 'all football clubs should be fan-owned mutuals', but if you accept private ownership, why worry about the nationality? #
  • Amin the Mahmoud for Dancing, surely? #dictatorsongs @duncanstott #
  • "Papa Doc's got a brand new Bagaza", surely? @dontgetfooled #dictatorsongs #
  • Wow, the East London Line is awesome. Like a train from the future or some crazy Asian city. Then you end up in Dalston, which isn't. #
  • Dalston escaped, in another magical future train. Quite impressed all the tracks for Highbury ELL extension seem to be in place… #
  • Made me think of #ausvotes RT @quotestanhope: Everybody's angry. They've got nothing to be angry at, so they're angry about nothing. #

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One thought on “What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-08-08

  1. RT @each1teach1: Building a mosque at Ground Zero isn't insensitive to victims of 9/11 … but threatening to bomb it *is*. Do you see?

    The victims are dead , they are not sensitive John .The bereaved on the other hand might well be .Its a symbol you see , its how we humans communicate , one way and another. You may say pissing on the remains of someone elses loved one hurts no-one, but for some people , it has a meaning .

    Does this mean anything to you ?

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