What I’ve been up to, week ending 2010-08-15

  • Good: fun stag (buck/whatever pre-venison term you like) party. Bad: more than a week of no @chrissiem. She's officially addictive. #
  • Actually, I'm not that up for partying. Maybe a cup of tea and a book? #thingsAndrewWKwouldneversay #
  • Note to self: #mlf is the Melbourne Literary Festival and has no affiliation with #milf #
  • Just passed the world's longest (former) rail platform; now travelling on the world's oldest proper railway. #whereami? #
  • Idiot driver. But more importantly, 'D'Marion'? RT @msgracefh RT @MENnewsdesk: Breastfeeding mum is ordered off bus. http://ow.ly/18wlDj #
  • I'm using 'proper' to mean 'passengers & freight between towns' – pit lines don't count… #
  • Now at the site of the first recorded fatal passenger train accident… #
  • Twitteratifail! Manchester to Liverpool, via Newton le Willows, where the first train on the line in 1830 ran over the local MP… #
  • Longest platform is the one that ran between Man Victoria and Man Exchange stns. Insert 'man exchange' joke here. #
  • RT @minifig: RT @mattuk: How many SEO specialists does it take to change a lightbulb light bulb light-bulb? #
  • Now on the Isle of Man ferry. It's grey and the sea's rough. This could be the best 3 hours of my life. #not #
  • My boat's called the Mananan. This may be because there are only 3 letters in the Man alphabet… #
  • Chap opposite me is from the Falklands. Clearly he has some kind of weird affinity toward cold, remote, British-ish islands… #
  • RT @TheFagCasanova: Apparently at his time of death, Jean-Paul Sartre was working on a children's book called 'Why's Wally?' #
  • Ferry leaving the Mersey now, leading to an unwanted remembering of Gerry & Pacemakers… #
  • Purser is very Scouse. The fillim today is "wharr the wailed things arrrr", apparently. #
  • I was wrong; we're *now* leaving the Mersey. #bouncybouncy #
  • Assuming T-NoSignal will fail shortly. At sea, hurrah! Doesn't seem as rough as feared; there are even signs of sunshine… #
  • RT @duckorange: Rupert Murdoch to sue Murdock from the A-Team over a crime he didn't commit #
  • RT @WiredUK: EMI reveals (yet again) why numbskull-run music labels really do deserve to be left to their slow, unlame… http://is.gd/ecSzP #
  • On the isle of man. Oddly, foot passengers forced to wait on boat and listen to bad r&b for ages while cars disembark – outrage! #
  • On a steam train. Hurrah! I didn't even choose or know about this one… #
  • RT @thejimsmith: I just ate a venison sandwich. Can only top with with a swan omelette. #
  • RT @each1teach1: Building a mosque at Ground Zero isn't insensitive to victims of 9/11 … but threatening to bomb it *is*. Do you see? #
  • On BE163 to the glorious holiday paradise of Luton. Hurrah! #
  • Trekking from NW London to SW London is taking even longer than normal, thanks to #tubefail. Currently on a bus c.nowhere (Cricklewood Ln) #
  • Approaching office where I used to work several jobs ago. It's still above a strip club. Whole building appears to be empty & to let. #
  • Evening timing FAIL. No matter how much you love all the ppl involved, never schedule more than 2 events for the same night. #
  • What a beautiful wedding. #mustnotmakePanicAtTheDiscoreferences #
  • My girlfriend and I are not entirely the same: RT @chrissiem Morning already. Who switched the sun on? As usual, I don't have a hangover. #

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