Crooked Timber comments deliver, again

From a post on the correlation between studying engineering and becoming a violent extremist, commenter Tom Bach:

Hitler was notoriously lazy and profoundly ignorant; in large measure because he never studied anything and read less. He enjoyed rambling monologues filled with made up facts.

Commenter Stuart:

It sounds as if Hitler had been born a few decades later he might now have a show on Fox News.

2 thoughts on “Crooked Timber comments deliver, again

  1. The logic of your worship of intelligence and empty rationalism is that stupid people should be disenfranchised if not sterilised.This was certainly a logic that, recently exhumed,JM Keyenes was convinced of( the sterilised bit )
    I am not remotely convinced that cleverness is any guarantee of goodness or rightness . The disgusting personal life lead by Bertrand Russell is a good example.Doctors were particularly enthusiastic Nazis and so were many other brilliant individuals.

  2. Ah, I get it now – Newmania's shit-house door writing style and clunking non sequiturs are a ruse to avoid being mistaken for a genocidal tyrant.

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