Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-24

"Why is the misfortune of losing a pet worthy of more consolation than the much greater one of being stupid?" # A sledgehammer to crack a nutjob: #sackdorries #reformdaftenglishlibellaw #thebarclaybrothersarevilecrooks # Victoria Coren is t3h excellents: # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Meme meme meme

Freemania has done tagged me with a meme: 7 things I love. Not in order, and probably not accurate. 1) intelligent girl-pop. c.f. 2) Chris Morris. Explanation required? Go elsewhere. 3) London. Everything about London. Name a thing you don't like about London and I'll like it. Well, apart from fiver-a-mile cab fares. 4) Writing. … Continue reading Meme meme meme

Quote of the day

From the comments here: Starting an illegal war and allowing the banks to ruin the economy, neither of those is sufficiently serious to bring down a government. But a couple of free dinners… The original piece is interesting as well - the Telegraph smearing a couple of Lib Dem MPs, one for letting his daughter … Continue reading Quote of the day

A thing of beauty

Charlie Brooker sums up Britishness with t3h excellence: I was born in the 70s and grew up in a tiny rural village. There was, I think, only one black kid in my primary school. One day, someone pushed him over and called him "blackjack". The headmaster called an impromptu assembly. It involved the entire school, … Continue reading A thing of beauty