Quiz time, wahey!

OK, so what links The Pit And The Pendulum, Richard Dawkins, and the Botswana national football team? The usual prize of a Simply Red album and a broken wireless router to the winner. Extra bonus points to be gained from suggesting the fourth clue.

Unrelatedly, which punk song contains the lyric “I’m looking for you, oh my sweetheart”?

5 thoughts on “Quiz time, wahey!

  1. A professional stand-up comedian has solved this on Facebook. C'mon bloggers, you can beat professional stand-up comedians at problem-solving, right?

  2. On the ground of fairness, I'll post the cryptic winning comment here, cheers the excellent Paul Kerensa:

    If it helps I can just hint at what the fourth clue might be…

    Well, if there was a TV game show where there was a tin key, that you could win, and the abbreviation of the show was TKWK… that's the only 4th clue I can think of. Other than comedian Dave Thompson. Or Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest.

  3. Ok I got it. Fourth clue, suppose you wanted to ask someone with a massive blue head whether they gave titwanks, in Shakespearean language, and you were also drunk so you mangled your pronunciation somewhat.

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